Be ready to change up the ERP system

////Be ready to change up the ERP system
To have the best possible enterprise resource system, organizations need to be flexible and ready to change at a moment’s notice, according to what industry professional Melissa Cook told Manufacturing Business Technology. ERP can be a great tool for warehouse management, but companies often end up leaving the program as is and not updating it when needed. Organizations are now increasingly looking to adopt new ERP systems that can better keep up with other modern technology and be more interoperable, she said, making it a quickly changing and emerging market. “In terms of software selection, I think it’s critical that companies are very clear on the pain points that they’re trying to solve – and then make sure to factor that into the solution set,” she told the news source. “Companies need to find something that not only solves the particular pain points that they’re aware of today, but is actually designed for change. It’s not just important to solve the problem today, but you need architecture that is actually going to be flexible to solve unknown problems of the future.” In the case of RM Foods, ZDNet said the company first chose to adopt a very simple ERP program to allow users to get a feel for how the program works and functions with the business. Michael Siegmund, president of RM Foods, said after this initial implementation, organizations can easily move into advanced capabilities to allow them to get more from the technology within their business. “We wanted to make sure that we could manage our business in a manner consistent with the systems tracking of code dates, shelf life and lot codes,” he told the website. “By taking a progressive approach we minimized risk. The chance for failure and that helped us a lot.” What do manufacturers need from this software? Cook told Manufacturing Business Technology that ERP technology is now moving toward being more social and said this is a feature that organizations should be striving for. While most don’t think of manufacturing as a social industry, she said it has a big role to play in the industry. A program that can allow organizations to better communicate, innovate and stay flexible is key. “The question they should be asking their software provider when they’re trying to select a new ERP is ‘How does your product adapt to change?’ Not just the change they know of today, but how is it built to be able to change on an ongoing basis — how it is designed to change,” Cook said.