Advice for getting more out of ERP

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A good enterprise resource planning system is one of the most power tools a manufacturing or warehousing business can have at its disposal. Having a system geared toward creating powerful business intelligence as well as improving individual work floor practices is key to get the most out of the investment made into ERP. For his reason, companies need to make sure that an ERP platform won't just provide benefits for the current state of operations, but will also be customizable for future changes to an organization. With the desire for a long term system in mind, here are a few pieces of advice to get more out of an ERP system:

  • Pay attention to the future: ERP provides a much better return on investment when its dynamic and responsive to additions and updates. Using a modular platform such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one way that businesses can build more adaptability into their ERP systems. With NAV, it's easy to add on components as they become necessary, spreading out costs and only attaching modules when they become relevant. For a business debating the expansion to a larger warehouse system, the knowledge that a mobile warehouse management module can be added – but doesn't need to be purchased before the question of warehouse growth is settled – is powerful.
  • Understand the total return on investment picture: Calculating the complete return on investment from an ERP project can be difficult because of the ongoing costs and project overruns that sometimes occur. Businesses that use modular ERP are in a better position to avoid these drags on ROI. Crafting a conditional upgrade schedule, and measuring ongoing costs versus internal improvements can provide a more complete measurement of what an organization is getting back from its investment.
  • Find a responsive vendor: A good vendor can mean the difference between a good implementation and a poor one, setting the tone for long-term effectiveness. Software providers that place a premium on working with their clients to craft exceptionally useful systems should be sought out. After all, a focus on the needs of the customer – instead of the vendor – will create more positive outcomes across the board.

Learn how to define your ERP strategy by downloading the white paper entitled "ERP in Manufacturing: Defining the ERP Strategy" from the DMS website today.