4 features that make ERP your business dashboard

////4 features that make ERP your business dashboard

Having a quality enterprise resource planning program may ultimately be what sets a business apart from its competition. One big reason for this is the simplicity having an effective dashboard can bring.

What are the features of an ERP dashboard that a company should look for? Here are a few:

1) Monitoring

The ability to monitor an organization in real-time will be essential. Inside-ERP's Rick Cook said monitoring will help generate metrics and use such information to improve areas that were previously or currently inefficient. Organizations can see how they are performing as a unit and make changes that will turn things around almost instantly.

2) Easy to use

"An ERP system can't reach its full potential without input from users, managers and customers," Cook said. "There is always something that can be done better, and the people who are closely associated with the system are the best ones to tell you what can be improved."

A system must be intuitive and easy to use for workers. Without this, certain features that could otherwise help a business may go to waste.

3) Risk assessment

ERP consultant Jeff Carr wrote on Ultra Consultants that dashboards should also allow companies to assess their risks and manage time frame as well as possible. This will help a business not get side-tracked by issues of compliance or regulations that can otherwise be avoided.

4) Ability to make better decisions

A dashboard should allow a company to analyze numbers and make better decisions. Cook said having the best tools and apps possible in ERP means consistent attention to software upgrades, something that comes readily available with a program like Dynamics NAV.

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