3 ways ERP prevents angry customers

////3 ways ERP prevents angry customers

No company wants to anger its customers, but many employees will do things that end up upsetting people without management ever knowing. Enterprise resource planning programs, such as Dynamics NAV, can help organizations stop embarrassing or harmful situations before they happen.

ERP implementation should be done with care from the start. Once it is in place, organizations can more easily work to keep customers satisfied. Here are a few reasons why:

1) More efficient work

By adopting an ERP program, software professional Steve Baker told CIO small businesses can finish tasks quickly and efficiently. This will allow the organization as a whole to be more productive and complete work for the customer. Especially with ERP programs that are based in the cloud, he said the speed at which the program can help the company evolve is quickened.

ERP implementation doesn’t have to be a long process either, as that was what previously stopped Baker’s company from adopting it.

“We were simply not as nimble as we wanted to be,” Baker said. “The rollout process and the implementation process was simply too long.

Now companies can get the software in place quickly and start serving customers better than ever before.

2) Better information for better service

Forrester analyst Ray Wang told TechTarget that especially when bridging the gap between ERP and CRM, organizations can have better internal information about customers that can be shared and properly utilized. Gartner research director Isher Kaila said these tools were traditionally put out as a patchwork of other applications, but together they can offer a centralized space.

Data from Forrester found one company that implemented ERP said its employees were able to increase orders by 37 percent in one month. This is clearly the sign of a group of customers who are happy with the service they are getting.

3) Quicker response

Another article from CIO said customer service representatives who look at an ERP system can easily pull up all of the customers information right away, thereby automating the search for information that would have taken place before. This will allow for a much quicker response time, something that normally angers customers if it is done too slowly.

With speed of response also comes the ability to reach out to a larger group of customers in a shorter time span, thereby making sure even the most satisfied customers are kept happy.

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