3 benefits of barcode and ERP integration

////3 benefits of barcode and ERP integration

A barcode can transform a business from inefficient and slow to quick and productive when it works with an enterprise resource planning tool such as Dynamics NAV. TechTarget said a barcode reader will allow these lines to be translated into a computer system for immediate action or storage.

There's no standard way for a barcode solution to work, but when integrated with an ERP system it can bring consistency and efficiency to a business. Here are some ways this technology can work together for the company.

1) Better inventory tracking

Technology consultant Sabrina Zimara wrote on the ERP Software Blog that when bringing barcoding together with an ERP system, organizations can expect to see tracking become much more simplistic and easy. Following basic guidelines, including figuring out who will manage and maintain the tracking system, considering how to label inventory and thinking about the hardware will all be keys to success.

"Once the initial barcode label is applied to the inventory item, it can then be quickly scanned for its next location and easily monitored with barcode software," she wrote

2) Improved integration with mobile

Software professional Elie Jean Touma wrote on Manufacturing Business Technology that when integrating ERP with a barcode system, smartphone and tablets will likely become a bigger part of the company as well. This will help improve the mobile presence within the business and make work more portable and reachable for workers.

3) More control over the company

Touma said with all of the new technology and tools available to managers, their jobs have become much easier. Not every device is right for all companies, but there are great opportunities for the right tools to be adopted and to help a business immediately see benefits.

For more information on improving efficiency with barcode technology, download the free white paper entitled "Keeping the Physical World and the Virtual World in Sync" from DMS today.