1 tip to make an ERP implementation more effective

////1 tip to make an ERP implementation more effective

Getting employees on board with a new enterprise resource planning software system is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring the implementation and subsequent day-to-day use will be successful. Because ERP is so commonplace in the manufacturing industry – Aberdeen Group reported that more than 90 percent of such businesses have an ERP system – it’s especially important for companies in this field to place an emphasis on training. This includes not only the technical education that helps workers learn how to use a new platform during their everyday tasks, but also helps them learn about how the system functions as a whole and helps a business prosper.

Learning Solutions magazine recommended that companies use a blended approach to education to get the most out of a new ERP system. This will help engage learners no matter how they best interact with and retain information. Some examples for companies to consider are traditional classroom sessions, on-the-ground education, one-on-one sessions and the distribution of educational materials in printed or electronic form. This is especially useful for a modular system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, where different modules require different approaches to learning.

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