Microsoft’s Business Central team has recently announced they are disabling part of a communication protocol that Warehouse Insight uses to communicate to the Business Central web services. This change will require an update to the application running on the handheld devices and the Windows “desktop client”. We do not have a specific date when Microsoft plans to disable functionality, so we recommend you update as soon as possible. Failure to update will prevent the devices from communicating with Business Central once Microsoft makes the change. The Microsoft change will not affect any on-premises installations. Instructions for updating the devices are below, if you run into any issues or need further details please contact us at

  1. IMPORTANT: Back up the device configuration before proceeding if you are upgrading from a previously installed version of Warehouse Insight (may be called WMDM on the scanner):
    1. Open File Explorer on the device
    2. Navigate to Program Files→Warehouse Mobile Data
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the list to the “Config” file.
    4. Select Menu→Rename→Change to Config1
  2. Open the internet browser on your device.
  3. Tap in the URL bar at the top of the screen and scan the barcode below into the URL bar:
  4. Remove the ‘< ‘character from the beginning of the URL and the ‘>’ character from the end of the URL.
  5. Press enter or tap the arrow on the right side of the URL bar to download the updated scanner software ( onto the handheld.
  6. Choose ‘Yes’ to download the .CAB file and ensure the ‘Open file after download’ is checked.
  7. A dialog may appear saying the file already exists, choose ‘Yes’ to replace it.
  8. If you have a previous version of Warehouse Insight (WMDM), the scanner will ask to remove the older version before installing the new one. Choose ‘Ok’.
  9. One the install is choose ‘Ok’.
  10. Restore configuration backup
    1. Open File Explorer on the device.
    2. Navigate to Program Files→Warehouse Mobile Data
    3. Locate the ‘config’ file and delete it by selecting Menu→Delete
    4. Locate the ‘config1’ file and rename it to ‘config’ by selecting Menu→Rename
  11. Launch the WMDM app on the scanner and confirm that the version is now by choosing Options→About