Warehouses go green to benefit environment and business

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When warehouses go green it's a win-win situation. Saving resources helps reduce expenditures. Companies should employ tools that create efficient operations and eco-friendly practices.

Go Paperless
Exchanging paper processes for digital tools is one of the first possibilities businesses should explore when pursuing green initiatives.

Benefit to the planet: GoPaperless Solutions explained the harm mass paper product use does to the planet. Paper production calls for cutting down trees, which can lead to deforestation. Factories use energy and create pollution while producing the materials.

Warehouse management operations can waste a lot of paper. Change orders and other documents call for massive reprinting. Daily activities and employee mistakes might destroy physical copies. Over time, the use can really add up.

Benefit to the company: By going paperless, a company not only saves money on daily printing, it also streamlines communications. Tools like mobile warehouse inventory management devices can update orders automatically without having to physically send information from building to building. Mobile software is much faster and more efficient than paper systems.

Reduce energy usage
Warehouses are large buildings that demand a lot of energy. Reducing daily electricity use preserves resources and saves the company money.

Benefit to the planet: Industries are major consumers of electricity, heating, water and other utilities. There are many government regulators interested in reducing overall national energy use by providing companies who limit daily consumption with tax breaks or other incentives. If businesses cut their need for electricity there are fewer incentives to burn fossil fuels.

Benefit to the company: When organizations design inventory warehouses, there are green features they can include. Logistics Management said some businesses create facilities with energy efficient lighting or drainage systems that recycle water. Other warehouses install solar panels on their roofs. All of these practices can cut utility bills.

Efficient operations is another way to reduce energy consumption. The less time employees use forklifts, conveyor belts or heavy machinery, the better. Managers can use software modules like Dynamics NAV time collection to observe how long equipment is in operation. If workers use data collection devices to track daily activities, supervisors can check the system for redundancies and use the information to plan more efficient procedures. This not only cuts energy use but the amount of manpower needed for projects.

Recycle materials
Companies can reduce waste by monitoring materials and finding new uses for old tools.

Benefit to the planet: Warehouses employ a lot of plastic or wooden pallets. The Ecology center said the production of plastic is very harmful to the environment. Wooden supplies are another cause of deforestation. Recycling goods or reusing old assets limits the waste of natural resources and pollution.

Poorly kept inventories may also destroy products before they reach consumers, forcing manufacturers to use more energy and resources to produce replacements. Keeping track of merchandise can halt needless production. 

Benefit to company: Warehouse management systems must track inventories and assets. Applying NAV barcode scanning tags to all items in a facility ensures they are visible in a software solution. Managers can guard against spoilage, mishandling or other problems that destroy merchandise. This means businesses aren't wasting money on unsellable products.

Tracking pallets and other shipping tools allows companies to monitor their condition. Warehouse systems should have different classifications for assets to determine if businesses should throw them out or put them to use in other applications. Companies can also make money by selling worn-out plastics to recycling centers. 

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