Facilitate warehouse teamwork with barcode scanners

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Warehouse employees should work diligently and cooperatively. Inventory managers must also create an atmosphere of collaboration to increase productivity and improve morale. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV barcoding system encourages teamwork through standardized operations and immediate visibility of team efforts.

Provide tools for standardized operations
Barcode scanners create uniform warehouse processes. Working with the same tools puts coworkers on an even playing field.

It may seem silly, but something as simple as poor handwriting can lead to hostility between coworkers. If one employee has to constantly take time out of his or her day to interpret somebody else's paperwork or fix mistakes caused by improper entry, it fosters a negative relationship between the two.

Inbound Logistics suggested creating a documentation standard for warehouse procedures that uses lean tools such as software and data collection devices to distribute work evenly. By standardizing information collecting and warehouse reporting through barcode instruments, a warehouse management system eliminates the most common causes of simple errors and employees covering each other's slack.

During the implementation process, warehouse managers should work with employees who will utilize the technology on a daily basis to ensure the new processes follow routine patterns. NAV barcoding scanners are easy to learn. By emphasizing proper usage from the start, managers prevent workers from disadvantaging their teammates.

Design specific team projects
When building a team, managers should give employees a shared goal. Workers must see how the performance of others benefits their daily lives.

It may be hard to analyze the total amount of warehouse data to demonstrate individual performance, depending on the size of the operation. Demand Media advised managers create team projects with defined goals. A manager might set aside data captured from a single order to demonstrate team performance. Barcode scanners collect the hard numbers and the Microsoft Dynamics software displays the results of projects.

The data captured by barcode scanner implementation is integrated with information from the company's infrastructure. A warehouse manager can demonstrate how a single project affects another department. Improved teamwork during distribution may cut down on customer service complaints, for example. After reading the results, warehouse management systems can establish future goals for team projects based on current data.

Encourage coworker compliments
Praise is a great management tool when distributed effectively. Compliments that boost morale are delivered in a timely manner and reference specific actions.

Barcode scanners provide full visibility of every warehouse workers performance and how it affect operations. Supervisors can spot a trend in the system as soon as a process speeds up or is more accurate. Excellent individual performance and effective teamwork should get praise when appropriate. If complimenting an individual publicly, visible data displays how the worker's activities benefited his or her team.

HR Magazine said employees should have a chance to officially laud their coworkers. Mobile inventory management provides warehouse workers with tools for observing daily operations. Employees can see exactly which scanner user is performing top-quality work and can send praise to managers or supervisors with a mobile device.

Team leaders should download the "Keeping the Physical World and the Virtual World in Sync" white paper to find other collaborative advantages of modern warehouse tools.