If you’re looking for a clever way to print from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud then keep reading. Anyone using Business Central Cloud has likely discovered the challenge of printing to local and network printers. Printing reports, labels, and other Business Central Cloud documents require that you manually select a printer or first save a local copy of the file.

Insight Works has a clever solution to streamline the printing process from Business Central Cloud. The answer is a free app called PrintNode Connector. PrintNode Connector from Insight Works is a free app that allows you to use the free or paid PrintNode.com service to print reports to a specified printer automatically.

With the Insight Works’ clever PrintNode Connector app, you will streamline the document printing and avoid the hassle of print dialog pop-ups or printing to PDF. Getting started is simple:

  1. Visit PrintNode.com and sign-up for a free or paid account.
  2. Visit Microsoft AppSource and install the PrintNode Connector app from Insight Works.
  3. Obtain your API key from your PrintNode.com account and enter the key into the PrintNode Setup interface within Business Central.
  4. Finally, set up your printers within the “Printer Selections” interface. It is here where you can identify what users can print what reports to specific printers.
Clever app for printing in business central

Is it really free?

As mentioned, the Insight Works’ PrintNode Connector is a free app; however, to avoid any confusion, the app requires the PrintNode service, which requires an account. PrintNode offers both free and paid services, so depending on the PrintNode service level you choose, there may be a cost. PrintNode.com is a third-party service and is not affiliated with Insight Works.

This clever app from Insight Works uses standard Business Central printer management capabilities and works with all standard and custom reports and pages, including barcode labels. The app supports Business Central Essentials and Premium licensing.

To learn more, check out the video below or visit https://www.dmsiworks.com/products/printnode-connector/.