In this article, we’re going to highlight the advantages of linking documents in Business Central (equipped with the Role Tailored Client), how NavXtender makes it easy to do so and what you should know about the upcoming DocXtender™ add-on for Business Central Cloud.

But before we get into any of that, let’s do a quick recap of Insight Works’ NavXtender and why we’re always making such a big deal about it. This free utility that enables users to attach documents to any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly referred to as NAV) record with a simple drag-and-drop action allows such users to easily associate customer POs to orders, invoices to POs, quality documents to receipts or any other file to any card in Business Central.

Through the magic of NavXtender, there is no longer a need to maintain an independent file storage system, and users can say goodbye to passing around documents using email. Now, you can easily attach documents to Business Central records, rendering them accessible when needed – without having to search for them, while simultaneously making them available to other Business Central users.

Put simply, NavXtender:

  • Does not require any modifications to existing pages in Business Central
  • Saves significant time by eliminating file searches (files are stored with a Business Central record so the user, and others, always know where they are)
  • Eliminates loss of documents by way of attaching them to Business Central records
  • Takes disasters such as fires and floods out of the equation, as these can’t destroy digital documents like they can paper-based versions
  • Reduces carbon footprint by eliminating the need to manage paper documents

Advantages of Linking Documents in Business Central

Here’s one subtle point that we have to stress: NavXtender isn’t about letting Business Central store a document; rather, the utility creates a link to documents within Business Central.

With that out of the way, let’s now take a closer look at the advantages offered by linking business documents in Business Central.

Document management, for a lot of companies, can be a major problem. Trying to find that delivery note or signed letter of credit can indeed become a logistical nightmare, but with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, the ability to link documentation to records in a system helps overcome this problem.

Document linking allows you to link any documentation directly to the relevant record in the Business Central system; thus, when it is needed, it can be easily found and opened directly from within Business Central.

Additionally, document linking:

  • Can be added to any existing document management strategy that is already in place because it can link directly to documents and can link directly into systems such as Share Point.
  • Can allow people to easily access documentation when they need it, without having to dig through boxes of paper.
  • Allows companies to scan delivery notes and link them to the sales invoice, thereby enabling any queries to have the delivery note retrieved by (for example) a creditor point person and be mailed to a client.
  • Allows inventory documentation to be linked directly to item cards so that salespeople are able to access the latest product specifications and other documentation easily – while knowing it’s up-to-date.
  • Attaches shipping and duties paperwork to import purchase orders so many different departments can be involved in the process, thereby providing a single point with the most current version.

A Simpler Way of Life with NavXtender

Our moniker for the NavXtender experience is straightforward: This is document linking for Business Central made simple.

Easily deployed as a standalone utility or integrated with the Business Central platform’s Record Links, NavXtender makes things super-easy by eliminating IT departments via a quick, intuitive setup – in fact, we often tell clients they will be up and running with NavXtender in under two minutes. There’s no need to make any changes to pages in a Business Central platform for it to work; it’s as streamlined as downloading NavXtender, installing the file and dragging documents over.

What’s more, NavXtender, as we mentioned earlier in this article, is a free utility available to anyone who wants to lnik documents in Microsoft Dynamics 3635 Business Central. Get the word out to your colleagues and departments within your company, including Purchasing, Sales, Operations and others, and watch interest in NavXtender grow exponentially.

Download NavXtender from

Coming Soon: DocXtender™

August 2019 will see the launch of our add-on for Business Central Cloud, dubbed DocXtender™. In keeping with the “drag-and-drop” theme exuded by the NavXtender experience, DocXtender™ is another free utility that enables users to attach documents to any page in Business Central with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Stay tuned to the Insight Works website to learn more about the upcoming DocXtender™.