(And What You Need to Know About Insight Works’ Canadian Payroll for Business Central)

When it comes to payroll runs, what’s the best way to go – an integrated or third-party solution? Some time back, we covered the ins and outs of “bolt-on” versus integrated arguments as they related to expanding an ERP; in the world of payroll, this comparison doesn’t really have to do with a bolt-on solution, but rather a third-party service that manages payroll runs.

We here at Insight Works offer a payroll solution (for Canadian customers) that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dubbed Canadian Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central, this system is not only easy to set up and use, it helps clients pay and manage both hourly and salary-based employees.

Here, we’re going to help you understand the differences between implementing a third-party payroll solution and choosing an integrated option like our own Canadian Payroll for Dynamics 365. We can wholeheartedly say that integrated in-house payroll approaches such as Canadian Payroll are better than an outsourced option, and for those of you who may use either NAV or Business Central, the Insight Works route makes even more sense.

Why You Should Integrate Payroll

For many of you running small businesses, there always comes a time when you ask the question “Should we process our in-house payroll or should we look to a service?” Of course, cost is a major consideration, but while important there are other factors that should be weighed. Indeed, the argument for outsourcing payroll duties is based on the ever-swarming rumors that it is a reliable answer, but we don’t hear that much about the value that reliable in-house payroll processing using automated payroll software brings.

At-a-glance, here are a few pros to selecting an in-house option:

  • Preparing your own payroll puts you in complete control and gives you access to all current and historical payroll information for your company – at any time, without any barriers.
  • Managing payroll, tax filings and payments in-house puts you in the captain’s chair when it comes to your organization’s compliance with payroll and tax regulations.
  • Outsourcing may not save much time over in-house payroll; with modern payroll solutions like Canadian Payroll for Dynamics 365, it really doesn’t take much longer to handle payroll in-house.
  • Outsourcing isn’t flexible for last-minute changes; if you need to change payroll details for an employee at the last minute, it may be too late to make the payroll run with an outsourced solution.
  • You can catch payroll errors before paychecks go to employees through an in-house solution.
  • In-house payroll uses your existing payroll processes.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, using integrated in-house payroll systems like the Insight Works solution also enables powerful reporting and analysis, strong data security capabilities, lower payroll costs over time and increased efficiency due to integration between systems.

The Canadian Payroll Answer

Compared to third-party outsourced solutions, Insight Works’ Canadian Payroll for Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a particularly advantageous approach, especially for those that already use NAV or Business Central.

In a nutshell, our system is:

  • Simple to Set Up – Canadian Payroll integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central; say goodbye to involving your tech support personnel.
  • Perfect for Your Company – Canadian Payroll grows with your company via support for hourly and salaried staff with multiple pay period options to choose from.
  • A Time-Saver – Canadian Payroll enables you to track your employee time and payroll information, including pay rates and pay types, all in one easy-to-use add-on.

And that’s not all – as an affordable alternative for your business, Canadian Payroll eliminates payroll service provider fees and streamlines your payroll process by posting payroll records automatically to your general ledger.

Want your employees to start thanking you instead of grumbling a list of complaints? Consider Insight Works’ Canadian Payroll solution.

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Canadian Payroll

For anyone responsible for payroll runs who wants to simplify their process, Canadian Payroll for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete Canadian payroll solution that is easy to set up and use. Canadian Payroll helps you pay and manage both hourly and salary-based employees.
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