Cycle Count SchedulerCycle counts are an essential part of inventory management that enables companies to keep track of their inventory levels, prevent stockouts and overstocks, and ensure accurate financial reporting. However, manually scheduling and executing cycle counts can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially for companies with multiple locations and many SKUs.

To address these challenges, Insight Works has developed a Cycle Count Scheduler app for Dynamics 365 Business Central that works with its Advanced Inventory Count app. The app automates the scheduling and creation of cycle counts, making it easier for companies to plan their inventory counts based on their physical inventory count period code, velocity code, or any other criteria they choose.

One of the main benefits of the app is its ability to handle multiple locations and schedules. Companies can define different schedules for each location, specifying which items to count, how often to count them, and when to perform the counts. For example, a company might want to count its A items once a week and its B items every three weeks. The free app from Insight Works can automatically generate the necessary inventory counts and distribute them to the appropriate locations via email in PDF or Excel format or for use on mobile computers when using the Warehouse Insight or WMS Express app.

The app scheduler also allows companies to set up customized calendars, specifying which days of the week they can perform cycle counts. This feature is handy for companies with specific days off or holidays when they cannot perform inventory counts.

The Insight Works app calculates the number of items that need to be counted based on the frequency of full coverage and the cycle count frequency. For example, if a company wants to achieve full coverage of 300 items four times a year, it needs to count 25 items per week. If the company only counts five items in a given week, the remaining 20 items are added to subsequent counts.

The Cycle Count Scheduler app generates count sheets automatically based on predefined templates. Users can set up filters and sorting options to customize the sheets according to their needs. The app also allows companies to merge counts for the same location or schedule and merge count sheet lines onto a single sheet.

Overall, the Cycle Count Scheduler from Insight Works streamlines the cycle counting process and reduces the risk of errors, making it an essential tool for companies looking to improve their inventory management practices. The Cycle Count Scheduler is a free add-on to the Advanced Inventory Count app, and it is well worth considering for companies looking to optimize their inventory management processes.

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