Shop Floor Data Capture

Quickly and easily execute day-to-day tasks with ease

Shop Floor Insight provides tools that can easily import information from external document management systems if required, as well as extends capabilities that document valuable data for informed decision making. The full MES option enables users to view linked documents, record production consumption and output, enter quality measures, view and enter production comments and manage dispatch lists for job and production orders.

Scan or type to record information instead of losing mission-critical information written on paper, such as work instructions and record links, stock numbers at the point of use, lot and serial numbers that are going to be produced, how much has been completed at particular stages of production, how much has been scrapped, and what the scrap code is; which can be recorded right on the line if enabled.

The MES option provides flexible quality inspections associated with your work center that works with every component in NAV. Enable employees to view tests that need to be performed, and provide flexibility to record information in NAV or on the shop floor.

Users can create inspections against incoming receipts and outgoing shipments where fields and acceptable values can be defined. By determining your logic on how to respond if there is a failed test, users can assign test definitions with anything in the system. This will prompt the system to alert users if they try to start the next operation on a production order with a failed test.

Shop Floor Insight Overview