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New Pricing Model Announcement

Coming December 2017, Insight Works will be announcing a new pricing model for Shop Floor Insight making shop floor data collection an affordable NAV add-on for any size of business.

Say good-bye to manual time tracking

Shop Floor Insight is a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance, and employee time management.

  • Eliminate manual time entry with barcode scanning for Production Orders, Jobs, Assembly Orders, and Maintenance

  • Capture operational data on the shop floor or in the field, including consumption, output, scrap, and quality

  • Record non-productive and rework time for advanced reporting

  • Record time and attendance based on employee shifts with exception reporting

  • Multi-level timecard approval from shop floor or NAV

  • Automatically calculate overtime and shift differentials for integration with payroll systems

  • Access via a web browser to enable data entry from mobile devices in the field or shop floor

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Shop Floor Insight has been certified by Microsoft which means it meets Microsoft’s highest standards for Dynamic implementation. You can trust Shop Floor Insight to work seamlessly with your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Shop Floor Insight

Professional production management

Shop Floor Insight utilizes barcoded production orders to simplify data capture on the shop floor and reduce the errors associated with manual time entry.

Streamline shop floor data capture

Enhance data capture and management using Shop Floor Insight’s intuitive user interface. Employees can quickly record setup and/or run time against production orders, nonproductive time, and maintenance using shared shop terminals or handheld devices.

Significantly reduce rework

Calculating rework (the amount of time spent repairing defective product) can be extremely tedious and hard to determine. Shop Floor Insight provides readily available insight into not only how much rework is taking place, but also allows users to drill-down for root cause analysis and rework.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting enables users to analyze job progression and costing; providing immediate feedback to supervisors and planners while maintaining
a detailed production history. Shop Floor Insight also provides pre-configured reports for managing operations, which can be used for safety program compliance.

Shop Floor Insight
Shop Floor Insight

Drastically reduce time and attendance data entry

Reduce labor costs and data entry errors

Automate the time collection process to significantly reduce the labor costs and data entry errors associated with manual entry. Users enter time and attendance information directly into NAV, with simple supervisor approvals.

Built-in validation and configurable payroll rules eliminates manual payroll data management. Shop Floor Insight’s intuitive shop floor interface, which emulates the look and feel of a paper time card, reduces training time and minimizes change for the end users, helping to ensure a successful and cost effective rollout.

Customizable and configurable

Customizable rules further reduce the time and effort required to calculate overtime and other variables. Configurable work types, payroll codes, project types, and shift patterns adapt to all potential workforce configurations.

Clear communication

In the event of time card issues, collaboration tools allow the payroll department to efficiently communicate directly to responsible personnel. Resolving time card issues at the source helps to minimize the time required for resolving discrepancies after payroll has been run.

Shop Floor Insight

An investment in your company

Shop Floor Insight pays for itself in as little as three months. By automating your shop floor data collection, you will increase data accuracy, reduce unnecessary overhead costs and improve the efficiency of your staff; helping to enable your staff to focus on value added tasks to drive business performance.

The Shop Floor insight ROI calculator will help you to estimate some key financial benefits of the solution:

  • How much overhead time can be saved by automating your shop floor data collection.

  • Savings gained from increased quality.

  • The increase in sales driven by improved efficiency and quality.

  • The payback period for Shop Floor Insight.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Packed with all the features you need…
and then some

Leverage Insight Works collaboration tools to effectively communicate time card issues with employees.


Easily manage your quality assurance process to increase customer satisfaction


A flexible organizational hierarchy can help companies mitigate the risks associated with multi-level approvals of time.


Ensure accurate payroll processing by seamlessly integrating with your company’s internal or external payroll system.


Enables root cause analysis to identify common areas of rework and provides enhanced visibility into costs associated with reduced quality and utilization.


Evaluate job progression and costing in real-time by monitoring employee time on jobs and production orders.


Record time against fixed assets to capture asset maintenance cost.


By assigning colors to various components, users will easily configure Shop Floor Insight to provide better visibility when viewing time cards. For example, Shop Floor Insight can highlight time card tasks that are still open making it easy for production workers to identify tasks, or identify if an employee is clocking setup or run time.
Shop Floor Insight enables users to create user interface profiles for users, groups and even globally. A configurable user interface means Shop Floor Insight can easily be tailored specifically to your production environment to improve shop floor efficiency.
Speed shop floor time collection while simultaneously reducing data entry errors.


The shop floor user interface has been designed to emulate the look and feel of a paper time card to speed adoption, reduce training, and reduce entry time and errors.


Configurable work types, payroll codes, project types, and shift patterns enable users to tailor the system to meet specific business requirements.


Simple and efficient tools for reviewing time entries and finding discrepancies to reduce the amount of time required for validating payroll.


Consistent user interface for office/salaried personnel to simplify tracking of non-shop time and attendance.


Enable user capabilities to adapt all potential workforce configurations with configurable payroll rules.


Allows shop floor users to view linked documents, record production consumption and output, enter quality measures, view and enter production comments, and manage dispatch lists for jobs and production orders.

Integrate advanced planning and scheduling for unparalleled control using MxAPS


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