Transform production planning & scheduling

MxAPS from Insight Works transforms production planning and scheduling from an inaccurate and time-consuming task into a responsive, repeatable, and highly accurate decision support activity.

In today’s highly volatile and extremely competitive manufacturing environment, production planning and scheduling systems must enable you to respond to unforeseen events and production realities without sacrificing hard-won efficiencies. MxAPS is the key to responsively and repeatedly meeting manufacturing objectives.

Extend your ERP solution

  • Improve customer service levels by producing more realistic production schedules

  • Unlock revenue potential by improving resource and equipment utilization

  • Minimize the cost of production

  • Reduce WIP, finished goods inventory, and lead times

  • Increase throughput, machine utilization and inventory turns

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Real-world production planning & scheduling

Visibility into the real-world impact of unplanned events on your production schedule allows you to contain costs while maintaining superior customer service levels.

Traditional methods of planning and scheduling are error-prone, time-consuming, and non-responsive, resulting in schedules that do not accurately reflect the actual capabilities of the shop floor. Your ability to schedule production responsively is further impaired when you factor in production realities, late delivery of critical raw material and components, equipment breakdowns, changes to sales forecasts, and customer demands.

  • Accurate responses to shop floor variations during schedule execution, real-world events and production realities are impossible

  • Static production schedules quickly become invalid

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Better customer service

MxAPS system transforms the planning and scheduling task into an efficient, repeatable, responsive and highly accurate decision support activity.

MxAPS provides the solution for:

  • Quickly generating accurate and efficient production schedules

  • Synchronizing customer demand against materials, people, machines and tooling

  • Responding to unplanned events and production realities while maintaining due dates

  • Realizing cost containment initiatives while increasing plant throughput

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

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