Support for Android and Windows

Choose the operating system that best suits your environment

Both Android and Windows operating systems are supported so, you can choose what best suits your environment.

For those that have existing devices running Windows, there’s no need to replace them just yet. Warehouse Insight for Windows will enable you to get more life from your devices.

In 2018 Microsoft announced the end-of-life of their Windows operating system for mobile devices. Therefore, the Microsoft Windows CE and Embedded Handheld options are slowly phasing out and is being replaced by Android. Unless you are already running Windows devices and want to continue so that all devices are the same, there is no good reason to go with Microsoft Windows. Choosing Android will help future-proof your investment in mobile devices. As for Apple iOS, the operating system doesn’t exist for mainstream, commercial mobile devices.

Warehouse Insight supports many makes, models, and styles of devices including mobile computers, PDAs, tablets and more. Check out the Insight Works’ online store.

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