Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Get more value from Microsoft Dynamics by making data available via EDI. Get business done faster, smarter and more accurately.

Insight Works’ Warehouse Insight supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). When your organization relies on automated systems to maximize operational efficiencies, you can count on Insight Works to give you complete and real-time data.

With Warehouse Insight, an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) for license plates is automatically generated in EDI format that can be then seamlessly transmitted to third parties. Customers will receive real-time visibility into their orders.

Warehouse Insight supports EDI 856 ship notice/manifest.

Benefits you can expect from Warehouse Insight’s EDI functionality:

  • Extremely fast exchange of information with third parties.
  • The transmitted information is very accurate because there is no manual data entry.
  • Costs are reduced because errors are eliminated and additional resources are not required to share information.
  • Information is shared in real-time speeding up business processes.

Insight Works easily integrates with EDI providers. If you’re looking for native integration to Warehouse Insight, look no further than DiCentral to provide an EDI adapter that is embedded directly into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface.

Warehouse Insight Overview