Supports All Location Configurations

Whether you have bins enabled or not, or even use “advanced warehousing”, the Advanced Inventory Count module will make your next count significantly more efficient.

If you don’t have bins enabled, you’ll appreciate being able to count the same item in multiple areas on different lines, and organize the count by Shelf No. You can also add new lines to the count as simply as adding a new record, unlike the Physical Inventory Journal.

If you use bins, you can lock the bins to prevent transactions while the count is in progress, or simply use the “As-Of Date” functionality to ignore transactions that occur after the count date.

Item tracking, both “Warehouse Tracked” and not, is supported, and the system will actually reconcile by lot and serial number.

You can count and reconcile multiple locations on the same count, allowing you to easily see if missing inventory in one location is offset by additional inventory in another.

Advanced Inventory Count