Online or Offline? There really is no question…

Companies are generally averse to the unknown because it makes it difficult to plan. That’s why when it comes to choosing NAV add-ons, many gravitate towards a fixed-price solution without fully realizing the advantages of the “pay-per-use” model.

When it comes to shipping add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, businesses have two main options; an add-on that uses an API to get real-time shipping rates, or an on-premises add-on with built-in shipping rates. Let’s look at the difference:


Shipping rates are in real-time and are always accurate.

New services, carriers, and rates are automatically available without software updates.

Lower up-front cost and annual enhancement fee.

Pay for only what you need.

Upfront fixed price for software.
CONS Internet connectivity required

Higher up-front cost and annual enhancement fee.

More complex installation process

Software requires updates when carriers, fees and services change.

Upgrades require planning, resources and testing with the risk of bugs.

Online vs Offline Shipping Solutions
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