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Support for NavXtender

Need help? Check out the answers to common issues below. Still need help? Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner for support.

Why am I getting a permissions error?

There are a few common reasons why you may receive a permissions error when using NavXtender:

  1. NavXtender will only work using Windows Authentication.
  2. When using the integrated version of NavXtender, your Dynamics NAV administrator needs to install a NAV Codeunit. The code unit may not be included in your licensed object range. Contact your Dynamics NAV administrator.
  3. When using the integrated version of NavXtender, you may not have permission to the Dynamics NAV code unit. Contact your Dynamics NAV administrator.
  4. Users must have read/write/modify security and share permissions for the ‘File Storage’ folder where files will be stored. Contact your network administrator.

Do I need to install NavXtender on every computer?

Anybody who wants to use NavXtender needs to run the NavXtender executable. Users do not need to have it installed when accessing from a Network.  There are two ways to access and install the executable: Local and Network.

  • Local: The user will download, configure and host the NavXtender executable file locally on their computer.
  • Network: An administrator will download, configure and host the NavXtender executable file on a network file share. Users will then run NavXtender from the file share. The advantage with the Network Install is when there are several users, the NavXtender only needs to be configured once by the administrator rather than each individual user configuring the add-on. For ease of use, a shortcut pointing to the shared install can be created on the users machine.

I would like to use NavXtender with my custom pages. How do I do that?

NavXtender will work with most custom pages, but in order for it to create record links, you need to modify the NavXtender codeunit so that it can recognize your custom page. If you need assistance, contact your Dynamics NAV administrator.

What is the difference between the stand-alone and integrated version of NavXtender?

The only difference between the two versions of NavXtender is the integrated version creates “Record Links” within Dynamics NAV. The “Record Links” button enables you to access your attached documents. The stand-alone version also enables you to access your attached documents from the associated NAV record however it does not use the “Record Links” feature. To integrate NavXtender, configuration requires a NAV object import.

What versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is NavXtender compatible with?

NavXtender works with NAV 2013 and newer.

What changes does NavXtender make to Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

NavXtender does not require that any changes be made to your installation of Dynamics NAV for basic file association. To create record links when a file is dropped, you simply need to import a single new codeunit.

Should I install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of NavXtender?

NavXtender is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit. The correct version to install is based on your NAV client being 32-bit or 64-bit and NOT on the version of your Windows operating system. If you’re running NAV 2015 or older, you should install the 32-bit version. If you’re running NAV 2016 or newer, you likely need the 64-bit version of NavXtender. When both NavXtender and NAV are running, NavXtender will provide a warning in the event the 64-bit version is not compatible, in which case, the 32-bit version should be installed instead.

How do I install NavXtender?

Watch the video.

Are you using an anti-virus application?

Anti-virus solutions may interfere with NavXtender’s ability communicate with Dynamics NAV. Contact your Network Administrator to make an exception/rule.

I still need help. Who can provide technical support?

If you’re still having issues with NavXtender, please contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.