MS Dynamics NAV Barcode Technology Abstract

Keeping the Physical World and the Virtual World in Sync

Improving Shop Floor Data Collection Efficiency with Barcode Technology


Today it’s hard to imagine an organization functioning properly without some sort of data management system. Data management has become an integral part of doing business, and can take the form of a simple spreadsheet or a complex ERP system. Data streams come from a variety of sources, including inventory management, purchase orders, shipping documents, invoices, payroll data, supply chain contacts, and so on. When timely and accurate, the shop floor data collection system that companies implement can give them a competitive advantage, but data mismanagement can also have negative consequences for the bottom line.

Poor data management may result in:

  • Inventory Overstock
  • Expedited Purchases
  • Lower Than Expected Margins or Lost Receivables
  • Decreased Shop Productivity
  • Increased Office Overhead
  • Poor Customer Service

Adopting a shop floor data collection system using barcoding technology will certainly provide operational benefits to any company. Even when considering the financial outlay necessary to adopt such a system, the tangible benefits provide a high enough ROI in a short enough payback period to make the decision more about “when” than “if”. Most importantly, if you’re considering adopting a barcoding system, make sure you know where and why it will make a difference to your operations. Selecting a system that accurately reflects your business processes will ensure that you receive the most from your productivity investment.

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