DMS-JobShop eBook Abstract

DMS-JobShop eBook

A guide to choosing an ERP for Job Shops


Many job shops use several disparate software packages to manage their business. Accounting programs such as Simply Accounting or QuickBooks are used for finance; Excel or another software package is used to track time parts, and materials on the shop floor; and paper forms and email are used to track time, expenses and materials in the field. Although these are separate systems, the activities they are tracking are all related.

If this sounds like your business, you’ll be interested in learning about how an ERP system can both simplify your operation, improve efficiency and increase ROI. Download this free ebook to learn more.

The table of contents includes:

  1. DMS-JobShop eBook
    1. Introduction
  2. Protecting Your Investment
  3. Important Steps to Successfully Deploying DMS-JobShop
    1. Professional Project Management
    2. Select Your Team and Empower Team Leaders
    3. Be Open to Change
    4. Get User Buy-In
    5. Prepare Your Staff
    6. Ensure That Laptops, Desktops, Servers and Networks Are Solid
    7. Identify Super-Users
    8. Don’t Skimp On Training
    9. Set Realistic Expectations
    10. Listen To Your Staff
  4. DMS-JobShop for Job Shops
    1. Estimating and Quoting
    2. Planning and Suggested Material Purchases
    3. Shop Floor or In-the-Field Labor Collection Against Jobs
    4. Just-In-Time Inventory Control
    5. Engineering Change Management
    6. Track and Compare Actual Costs Against Estimated Costs

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