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Data migration can be a time-consuming and complicated process. But what if you could streamline and accelerate it, boosting efficiency and eliminating frustration? Join us for a 20-minute webinar that will change how you approach data migration in Dynamics 365 Business Central. We’ll introduce you to the free Import Export PowerTool app from Insight Works.

Learning objectives include:

  • Grasp key features and benefits of Import Export PowerTool.
  • Compare performance with RapidStart in data migration tasks.
  • Explore versatile import/export capabilities for various data volumes.
  • Save time with bulk editing, automatic lot/serial numbers, and record links/notes.
  • Understand the benefits of disabling the Change Log during imports.
  • Recognize accessibility for users without Excel proficiency.
  • Master creating, storing, and executing batches for consistency.

This webinar is ideal for Microsoft consultants, developers, integrators, and data migration specialists. Register now to secure your spot and elevate your Dynamics 365 Business Central data migration efficiency.

Can’t make it? No problem. Register anyway and receive a recording of the presentation.

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