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Insight Works is a Silver Sponsor

As a Silver Sponsor at the Directions EMEA 2023, Insight Works will bring the latest solutions and products that are cost-saving and productivity boosters. The whole suite of apps seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Directions EMEA is focused not only on partners and parts involved in discovering Dynamics 365 Business Central products that inspire and motivate best practices but also on experts seeking knowledge and innovative applications that facilitate, save costs and boost productivity.

You are invited to join our ISV session

Future-Forward Manufacturing: Leveraging Dynamics 365 Integrated Tools

Unlock the future of manufacturing with Insight Works’ suite of apps for Business Central. Discover how integrated manufacturing tools enhance your customer’s operations, from the shop floor to production planning. Enhance accuracy, boost efficiency, and drive manufacturing excellence with end-to-end solutions.

  • Understand the integration and capabilities of Insight Works’ manufacturing tools.
  • Drive operational efficiency from warehouse management to advanced scheduling.
  • Discover how barcode technology can transform production and time capture.
  • Explore the benefits of data-driven decision-making for product quality and planning.
  • Harness the power of advanced algorithms for accurate forecasting and inventory management.

At the Directions EMEA 2023, Insight Works will showcase several competitive advantages that will support your business to meet your client’s expectations, including:

  • Management of raw materials and finished goods
  • Integration of order and shipment processes.
  • Cost-saving optimizations from warehouse to delivery
  • EDI integrations to streamline operations
  • Free apps offering unique features for Business Central

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