IT Services

IT Services

Infrastructure Development and System Virtualization

Full IT Service Infrastructure Development

From developing a complete IT strategy and road-map to planning and budgeting your next project, we can help you formulate and execute manageable plans. As a Microsoft Gold partner, Insight Works possesses the depth in talent; breadth of experience, and knowledge of current and emerging technology to assist everyone from CIO’s to network administrators.

Insight Works  is a turnkey infrastructure solutions provider that can provide valuable insight into the selection, procurement, implementation, configuration, and support of any Information Technology system.

DMS can also provide support in the following areas:

  • Hardware and software selection
  • Outsourcing advice and service management
  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP)
  • System audits
  • Integration
  • Mobile solutions
  • Hardware sales

System Virtualization

Insight Works provides solutions that are specifically designed for organizations with a central office and remote locations. Remote locations are connected to the central facility via a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) link and thin-client terminals. This allows all remote and local IT administration to be provided from the central location.

Users in the remote locations are equipped with technologies that require very little administrative overhead and maintenance. All processing is done through thin client terminals that have no moving parts, such as hard drives or fans, and require no maintenance. In the event of failure, these devices can be replaced in minutes without any impact to the user. All of the required processing, administration and maintenance of the software applications and databases is performed from the central facility.

This “virtualization” software from VMWare allows a single server to run multiple instances of Windows. This approach has several advantages:

  • Lower hardware costs: users do not need expensive full-service PCs at their stations;
  • Lower administration costs: all upgrades and other maintenance are done on the server rather than individual PCs;
  • Rich remote access: even on low-bandwidth connections, remote clients get a full Windows experience; and,
  • High reliability: it is easy to replicate user’s systems and even other servers to allow for fast switch-over in case of failure.
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“Insight Works and their team have given us the foundation to move forward by providing not only excellent service but outstanding and support and proven solutions that have given us the tools we desperately needed to grow as a company.”
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