WMDM Supports All NAV Configurations

Works with all Location and Item Tracking configurations in NAV5 and up.

You can gain the benefits of barcode scanning even if you don’t have full WMS (“Directed Pick”) turned on in NAV. NAV Locations can be configured in dozens of different ways, and we work with all of them – whether you have bins mandatory or not, all the way up to full Directed Pick and Put-away.

WMDM integrates with a wide range of handheld devices to provide warehouse employees with access to all the NAV warehouse and inventory functions. WMDM provides a user-friendly data management interface on handheld devices, including rugged scanners and tablets that is ideal for organizations of all sizes.

We also have you covered if you use serial numbers or lot numbers, regardless of how they’re configured. Lot Warehouse/SN Warehouse, optional tracking, auto-generation, FEFO, validation on scan versus specification on scan are all supported. You can capture and review Lot Information and Serial Number Information throughout the system.