Mobile WMS for Dynamics NAV

Mobile WMS for Dynamics NAV

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 2015

Mobile Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Mobile Data Entry and Collection

The Insight Works Warehouse Mobile Data Entry Module for Dynamics NAV brings the power of NAV to the warehouse floor, reducing the time and resources required to maintain accurate inventory and manufacturing transactions…

Mobile Warehouse Inventory Management SoftwareManufacturing, Distribution, or Services companies can reduce costs and increase the efficiency and accuracy of tracking warehouse transactions with the Insight Works Warehouse Mobile Data Collection Module.

Unlike other Mobile Warehouse inventory management software packages, the Insight Works mobile WMS module inherently supports all NAV location and item tracking configurations to quickly and efficiently enable a mobile workforce.  Advanced capabilities for License Plating and Physical Inventory counts significantly extend NAV’s capabilities and bring mobile device integration to the warehouse.
The WMDM provides access to all NAV warehouse functions, including:

  • All NAV Configurations: WMDM integrates with a wide range of handheld devices to provide warehouse employees with access to all the NAV warehouse and inventory functions.
  • Multidimensional Barcode Support: Store more data in each barcode to reduce the number of scans required.
  • Camera Integration: When using devices with cameras (such as the Datalogic Falcon), you can take a picture from anywhere in the system and have them automatically upload to NAV and optionally alert a user.
  • Built-in App Designer: The App Designer provides a simple way to add new apps to the system, or to extend existing apps with new business logic.
  • Inventory and Bin Inquiry: The inventory inquiry screen makes it easy for warehouse personnel to identify inventory items by bar code, reducing the occurrence of misplaced or mislabeled items and allowing for spot-checks of inventory on a regular basis.
  • Inventory and Warehouse Picks and Put-aways: The system eliminates redundant data entry by capturing all item tracking information at the pick stage and updating the source document line.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Movements: Users can execute Warehouse Movement documents from the handheld in both Directed Pick and non-WMS locations.
  • Warehouse Shipments and Receipts: Perform all shipping and receiving operations, including posting, directly from the handheld without the need for a NAV terminal.
  • Non-Warehouse Shipping and Receiving: Whether your environment doesn’t warrant the use of warehouse documents, or if you have branch locations that don’t use them, WMDM will still work for you.
  • Production Consumption and Output: Record and post consumption and output from both the Production and Assembly orders from the handheld devices.
  • Assembly Order Picking and Output: The Assembly Order app in WMDM supports the management of Assemble-to-Stock and Assemble-to-Order assembly orders, whether or not warehouse documents are used.
  • Inventory Count: WMDM includes a standard count module and optionally integrates with the Insight Works Advanced Inventory Count Module to streamline inventory counting.
  • License Plating: The WMDM license plate module provides users with the ability to generate labels to reference entire pallets, boxes, etc. that contain mixed items or mixed lot/serial numbers.
  • Offline Processing: Scratchpad allows offline capture of all warehouse operational data and uploads that data to NAV once the network is available again.
  • Device Support: WMDM supports all major brands and models of handheld computers that run Windows Mobile, including Datalogic, Intermec/Honeywell, Symbol/Motorola/Zebra.
  • Logins and Transactions: All activities performed on the handheld, whether resulting in a transaction or not, are logged in the system with the user and/or handheld ID for future analysis and investigation.
  • Upgrade Management: Automatically update devices without the need for additional device management systems.

Warehouse Mobile Data Warehouse Benefits

  • Get real-time access to NAV warehouse, inventory and production data on the shop floor
  • Perform all inventory and management operations from handheld devices
  • Use the same device for any location configuration, including non-mandatory bins and directed pick
  • Capture lot and serial numbers for any transaction
  • Scan directly to sales and production documents
  • Use License Plating to streamline warehouse operations
  • Easily customize views and menus on handheld computers

Putting the proper technology in your mobile workforce’s hands increases operational productivity, reduces waste, and enables you to better control your inventory.