NavXtender for Microsoft Navision


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On

NavXtender for MS Dynamics NAVSave money, enhance security, and improve NAV usability. NavXtender for Microsoft Navision is a completely external application that adds new functions (like paste from Excel into NAV) and allows you to effectively manage concurrent user licenses. A must-have for end-users and developer…

NavXtender is a stand-alone application (does not require modification to NAV code) that enhances the functionality and security of the NAV classic client.

NavXtender enables enhanced concurrent session management, logging users out after a predetermined idle period. The idle period is based on user input, not database activity.

NavXtender allows you to:

  • Automatically log users out of Navision after a specified idle period, providing them with ability to simply click “OK” to log back in. This can significantly reduce the concurrent user count on the server.
  • Display company-specific messages on the top of the Navision screen based on user and company to help prevent posting to the wrong company.
  • Hide or disable standard Navision menus (button menus and main menus) by user and/or company (e.g., hide a “Post” menu for certain users on certain forms, or hide “Working Date” menu for everyone except accounting).
  • Disable Navision hotkeys, such as F3 or F4, for certain forms/tables (by user or group)
  • Add new main menu items that run VBScript code to automate Navision and perform a wide array of other tasks (e.g., Export to Excel or Paste from Excel).

NavXtender does this without modifying or adding any Navision code – it is a completely external application.

NavXtender also provides a number of benefits for C/AL programmers:

  • The ability to add macros to the main menu to perform common development tasks (e.g., comment/uncomment code, insert code snippets, etc.)
  • The ability to programmatically hide or disable form menu items.
  • Access to Navision window handles from C/AL for use with OCXs or automation objects requiring a window handle.
  • Access to a number of helper functions from C/AL.