Microsoft NAV Enhanced Planning Pack

Microsoft NAV Enhanced Planning Pack

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enhanced Planning PackThe Microsoft NAV Enhanced Planning Pack is the single biggest productivity improvement you can provide to your planners. Reduce the amount of time required to manage production activities by hours. Includes enhanced worksheets, obsolete inventory management, and BOM management tools.

The Enhanced Planning Pack includes enhancements to the standard NAV planning tools to streamline planning tasks. This is the single biggest enhancement you can provide to improve your planning.

The Planning Pack includes:

  • Enhanced Planning Worksheet:

    provides a “dashboard” view of all planning-related information to enable better-informed decision making, and allowing for easier viewing and management of planning information.

  • Item End-of-life Management:

    automatically uses up existing obsolete inventory before planning for replacement inventory

  • Enhanced Subcontract Worksheet:

    allows purchasers to manage repetitive subcontract instructions globally to eliminate redundant data entry. Allows users to automatically copy document links from the routing or item to the purchase order in NAV 2009.

  • Bill Of Material Management:

    the BOM management functionality includes:

    • Interactive, hierarchical multi-level bill form for analyzing structure, availability, and costing of BOMs
    • Low-level coding by exception to eliminate long delays with dynamic low-level coding.
    • Automated component selection based on variant code of top-level item. This allows you to create a master BOM with optional items that are only included on production orders based on the variant of the item being manufactured.
Enhanced Microsoft Dynamics Planning Worksheet
Enhanced Planning Worksheet


Sample Multi-level Bill of Materials
Sample Multi-level Bill of Materials