Insight Works Rolls Out Functionality-Packed Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0

Comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time/attendance and employee time management receives “shot in the arm” with scheduling whiteboard, graphical dispatch list and more.

Alberta, Canada, June 11, 2018 – Insight Works, creators of the original Shop Floor Insight, the innovative Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on of choice for shop floor data collection, announced the launch of its functionality-packed Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0. According to Insight Works representatives, the comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time/attendance and employee time management has received a “shot in the arm” via Release 6.0. Added features include a scheduling whiteboard and graphical dispatch list, easy filter dispatch list and production scheduler, recurring shift scheduling with printable shift calendar, groupings for approvals and shift scheduling and much more.

“The new and exciting functionality users can expect to experience with Shop Floor Insight Release 6.0 are myriad,” says Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing for Insight Works. “To begin with, a graphical layer has been added to the NAV production schedule, allowing production managers and employees to view and manage loading more effectively. Now, through a new and improved variant of Shop Floor Insight, users will easily visualize exactly what work is scheduled at each work center – the graphical interface, which is the big marquee feature of Release 6.0, enables employees to clock on, record output and perform all tasks normally executed via the dispatch list.”

Scheduling Whiteboard and Graphical Dispatch List

Neufeld notes that Release 6.0’s visual production schedule represents more than a display, allowing users with the appropriate permissions to drag-and-drop an operation on a production order to a new work center and time. As work is rearranged, associated operations automatically update to reflect a new production schedule, while clicking on a specific production order operation also displays additional details.

Additional benefits Shop Floor Insight 6.0 brings to the table include basic vacation accrual rules for fewer manual calculations, improved time card wizard that now works with employee groups, improved management tools user interface to save time, easier exporting-to-payroll operations, supported integration with native NAV Canadian Payroll and better filtering and reporting with full dimension support.

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