Insight Works Launches Order Fulfillment Worksheet App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app for Business Central streamlines and optimizes order fulfillment processes by allowing users to focus on in-stock orders rather than wasting time trying to fill orders that are missing stock.

Edmonton, AB, Canada, January 4, 2023 – Insight Works, a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central apps for manufacturing and distribution, today announced the launch of its new Order Fulfillment Worksheet app for Business Central. The app is designed to optimize the order fulfillment process by focusing on in-stock orders.

The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app is a lightweight app that answers the question: “What can the warehouse ship today?”. The app will help warehouse workers and order fulfillment staff focus on in-stock orders rather than trying to fulfill orders where items are not in stock.

“We’re excited to finally release this latest app to those using Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage inventory and fill orders,” said Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing of Insight Works. “The Order Fulfillment Worksheet is an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline and optimize their order fulfillment processes. It will save time, optimize the picking process, improve efficiency and increase overall customer satisfaction.”

One of the key features of the Order Fulfillment Worksheet is its ability to prioritize orders. Users can view all relevant decision-making information from a single screen within Business Central and quickly filter and sort outstanding orders to prioritize which ones to fill first. The app also enables users to group orders by carrier, customer, region, planned ship date, and more.

In addition to these features, the Order Fulfillment Worksheet provides order line item detail for every order, so users can quickly understand what prevents an order from being filled. This could be anything from a need for an inventory move to a shortage of stock.

Managing backorders is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a healthy business, and the Order Fulfillment Worksheet app makes it easy. Once new product is received, users can simply head over to the Order Fulfillment Worksheet in Business Central to quickly identify backorders that can now be filled. If there still isn’t enough stock to fill all orders, the app allows users to prioritize orders by filling the oldest ones first, or to split stock across multiple orders as needed. These features make it easy to keep customers informed and ensure that orders are fulfilled as efficiently as possible.

The Order Fulfillment Worksheet app is available now on AppSource. To learn more, reach out to your Microsoft Partner or visit

About Insight Works
Insight Works is a global leader in productivity solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and supply chains, offering end-to-end software applications ranging from procurement and warehouse management to manufacturing and shipping. Products include mobile warehouse data collection, shop floor data collection, inventory management, integrated shipping, scheduling, and more.

Insight Works is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. The organization is headquartered in Canada and boasts a European presence in the Netherlands and remote offices in the U.S. Its products are distributed by a global network of Microsoft Partners.

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