Insight Works launches D365 Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365

//Insight Works launches D365 Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Insight Works launches D365 Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Integrated payroll solution available from Microsoft’s AppSource eliminates the need for third-party payroll solutions or providers while offering a nonintimidating, simple-to-use system.



Edmonton, AB, August 8, 2017 – Insight Works, a global leader in Operational Productivity Improvement in the Distribution and Manufacturing sectors, has announced the launch of its D365 Payroll add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, a product that represents the first and, currently, only integrated payroll solution for this application of Dynamics 365. The product has been initially released in Canada, with plans to bring it to the U.S. via integrated U.S. tax tables. As Insight Works rolls out D365 Payroll, the company has made it free until December 31, 2017, after which time an affordable “per-employee” pricing model will arrive.

According to Insight Works representatives, D365 Payroll – available via Microsoft’s AppSource – eliminates the need for third-party payroll solutions or providers and is intuitively easy to set-up and use.

“Our motto accompanying the release of D365 Payroll is, ‘We’ll Make You Think Differently about Payroll’,” says Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing, DMS Companies. “For our end-user clients, this means payroll no longer has to be painful or intimidating. Our product is specifically geared towards anyone responsible for payroll runs and who wants to simplify the process, offering a complete payroll solution that helps users pay and manage both hourly and salary-based employees.

“What’s more, D365 Payroll seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 for Financials – so there’s no longer a need to involve the tech support department.”

As an affordable alternative for a business, D365 Payroll is simple to use, saving the money paid to payroll service providers and streamlining the payroll process. This is accomplished by eliminating importing and exporting general ledger entries to reconcile payroll via third-party solutions, and saves time and reduces errors by posting payroll records automatically to a general ledger. An optional self-service online portal for employees is available, enabling employees to access their current and historical pay stubs using a web browser or smartphone app, as is a direct deposit option that leverages the bank integration capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“Our clients can rest assured knowing their detailed payroll and employee data is secure,” adds Neufeld. “D365 Payroll leverages the Microsoft Dynamics 365 security model that protects data integrity and privacy, and supports efficient data access and collaboration. This new offering by Insight Works is packed with all the features users need – and then some.”

All payroll data used by D365 Payroll is governed by Microsoft’s privacy policy, and Insight Works representatives point out that they only use this data to provide the services clients want.

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