The Quickest and Easiest way to Create Custom Warehouse Apps without any Programming

Looking for a way to tailor Business Central specifically to the way you manage your warehouse? The app designer built into the Warehouse Insight app from Insight Works is a cutting-edge tool that allows users to quickly and easily create custom apps for their warehouse management needs. This drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add features and functionality without any coding required.

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Forecasting Inventory Levels in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet app from Insight Works makes it easy to generate forecasts based on historical sales data, allowing businesses to better manage their inventory levels. The app's Cortana Intelligence Suite integration provides users with the ability to fine-tune their forecasting parameters for even greater accuracy.

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How to Avoid Costly Production Delays and Disruptions

It's no secret that manufacturers must plan carefully and thoughtfully to avoid costly production delays and disruptions. But what may be less well-known is just how critical Material Resource Planning (MRP) is to the success of any manufacturing process. By having a well-thought-out plan for procuring and managing materials, manufacturers can avoid costly delays and disruptions.

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Advanced Finite Capacity Scheduling in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Whether you are a manufacturer with limited staff or a more extensive operation with hundreds of employees, manually managing production schedules is time-consuming and prone to errors. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to MxAPS. MxAPS is an advanced finite capacity scheduling app designed specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central. With MxAPS, you’ll transform your production planning into a responsive, repeatable, and highly accurate decision support activity.

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