Signature Capture

Signature Capture for Business Central: Streamlining Verification in Every Signature.

Signature Capture for Dynamics 365 Business CentralStreamline your business operations with the power of digital verification with our Signature Capture feature, an innovative part of Warehouse Insight for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Signature Capture provides a secure and efficient method to authenticate and record your business transactions, whether delivery confirmation, inventory receiving, order fulfillment, return authorization, or quality control inspections.

Signature Capture is part of the versatile Warehouse Insight application builder and stands out for its wide range of applications and seamless integration with your business processes.

  • Operational Efficiency: The Signature Capture feature enhances your business efficiency by streamlining shipping and customer pick-up processes.

  • Reliable Proof of Delivery: Leverage digitally captured signatures as reliable proof for delivery and customer pick-up situations.

  • Strong Data Security: Protect your business transactions with securely stored digital signatures.

  • Enhanced Customer Service: Impress customers with a modern, efficient method to authenticate pick-ups or returns.

  • Improved Quality Assurance: Employ Signature Capture for validating quality control inspections, adding an extra layer of security and trustworthiness.

  • Easy Customization: The versatility of Warehouse Insight allows you to enable Signature Capture in any app to meet your specific operational needs.

Revolutionize Verification Processes with Signature Capture: Simplifying Transactions through Digital Authentication

  • Focused Verification: The Signature Capture feature provides a direct, efficient method for verifying delivery and pick-up operations.

  • Wide-ranging Utility: Use Signature Capture across various operations such as delivery confirmation, inventory receiving, order fulfillment, return authorization, and quality control inspections.

  • Easy Signature Input: Capture signatures quickly and easily using touchscreen mobile devices.

  • Safe Signature Storage: Securely store the signatures as attachments in Business Central or within custom fields for ready access and review.

  • Efficient Integration: Enable ‘Signature Capture’ in any Warehouse Insight app with a few simple steps.

  • Customizable Data Fields: Utilize custom fields to store signatures on shipments, providing easy printing and proof of delivery options.

Signature Capture in Dynamics 365 Business Central
Licensing: Included with Warehouse Insight Subscription

Please contact your Microsoft Partner for pricing details.

Business Central/NAV Compatibility

Dynamics NAV 2013
Dynamics NAV 2015
Dynamics NAV 2016
Dynamics NAV 2017
Dynamics NAV 2018
Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise
Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Typical User

Warehouse Managers, Shipping Personnel, Quality Control Inspectors, Customer Service Representatives, Supply Chain Managers, and Delivery Personnel

Release Date

August 2020
Actively being maintained and supported with updates.

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We recommend having your Microsoft Partner install and configure the app.


Documented on the Insight Works Knowledge Base.


The app is supported via the Insight Works’ Knowledge Base and Forum. For one-on-one support, Insight Works support plans are available or you can contact your Microsoft Partner.

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