Product Configurator

Simplify creating BOMs and routing to make quote and order generation more efficient.

Say goodbye to manually managing product options and variations and say hello to Product Configurator from Insight Works – a light-weight add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central that significantly simplifies the creation of production Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Routings, or Assembly BOMs, to make Quote and Order generation more efficient.

  • Define product categories and options to allow sales personnel to easily select options to build new products or reuse existing configurations.

  • Save users significant time when quoting or designing products
  • Reduce manual input and improve efficiency and accuracy in sales quotes and orders
  • Simplify the ordering and quote process for staff
  • Automatically generate Assembly or Production BOMs/Routings on Sales Orders and Quotes
  • Integrate with standard Business Central MPS and MRP to properly plan your new products

Reduce time & increase accuracy

With Product Configurator, it is easy to set-up and select specific options for products that you sell. Whether you assemble or produce simple items with only a few configurable options or more complex items with thousands of options, Product Configurator reduces data entry time while increasing order accuracy.

Easily build Sales Quotes and Orders

Users can choose a base item to configure or select an item that has already been customized and make modifications to it. As users alter the item, the retail price is automatically calculated for easy quoting.

Apply Multipliers

When it comes to bulk material usage, multipliers can be used to ensure automatically generated BOMs include waste and trim material. For example, a window frame may require an additional 10% of frame material for production purposes which will be cut and trimmed for the final product.

Build Sophisticated Rules

For anyone who may require more sophisticated rules not supported by the user interface, Product Configurator includes an API that is configured with the C/AL Editor. These rules can be done without a developer license, allowing end-users to create “scripts” for rules.

Advanced Rule Builder

The Product Configurator app from Insight Works enables users to set combination rules for specific products. For example, when piecing together a computer, if a specific keyboard is selected then only specific mouse options will be available.

Seamlessly integrated with Business Central

Automatically generate BOMs and Routings

With Product Configurator you no longer need to individually account for every item and part that goes into your products. An assembly or production BOM is generated behind-the-scenes whenever a new item is configured saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Product Configurator is easy to use with a simple interface to add and configure line item options. Depending on permissions, anyone can create and configure options easily. Users see the entire set of options simultaneously, so they get the full visibility into what they’re designing at all times.

Expand with Point-of-Sale

If you’re looking for a Point-of-Sale solution to work in tandem with Product Configurator, look no further than Counter Sales. Counter Sales from Insight Works is an add-on Business Central that is an affordable and easy-to-use sales terminal for industries that offer counter sales.

Simple Setup

Product Configurator easily integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central and takes very little effort to set up and start using.

Affordable Solution

You don’t need to be a big shop to afford or justify Product Configurator. The Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on is an affordable solution for any size business.

Product Configurator
Licensing: Subscription

Please contact your Microsoft Partner for pricing details.

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AppSource Rating
Business Central/NAV Compatibility

Dynamics NAV 2013
Dynamics NAV 2015
Dynamics NAV 2016
Dynamics NAV 2017
Dynamics NAV 2018
Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise
Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Typical User

Sales and order takers.

Release Date

January 2018: Actively being maintained and supported with updates.



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We recommend having your Microsoft Partner install and configure the app.


Well documented on the Insight Works’ Knowledge Base. View the documentation here.


The app is supported via the Insight Works’ Knowledge Base and Forum. For one-on-one support, Insight Works support plans are available or you can contact your Microsoft Partner.

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