Item Planning Review

Optimize inventory levels and avoid excess or slow-moving stock by analyzing historical trends and current reordering strategies.

For purchasers, inventory managers, material planners, and others responsible for maintaining stock levels, the Item Planning Review app for Business Central helps optimize item reorder-point parameters, minimum order levels, and other variables. Users can dial in their item planning using historical item data to avoid stock-outs and surplus stock.

Made for those in manufacturing or distribution

The Item Planning Review app is the perfect tool for those working in manufacturing or distribution. The app will consider items sold, transferred, or used in the manufacturing process so users can get a complete picture of item consumption.

Easy-to-use filters to fine-tune item planning

Item Planning Review provides a host of filters to help users focus on specific frequencies, periods, items, categories, locations, and more. For example, users can view all items associated with the plumbing category by month in the last quarter of a specific year. The worksheet will display detailed item information, including average usage. The average usage metric is very useful because users can see how much of a specific item is being shipped or consumed on average. Based on this information, different item planning tasks can be performed.

Make adjustments all from one screen

Once users have filtered specific items, the Item Planning Review app makes it easy to adjust stock levels thanks to several options. Options include

  • Replenishment by purchase order, production order, or other.
  • Planning by adjusting your reordering policy.
  • Updating your lot-for-lot parameters.
  • Adjusting your reorder point parameters, including reordering points, quantity, maximum inventory level, and other variables.
  • Order modifiers including min, max, and order multiple.
Item Planning Review
Item Planning Review
Licensing: Included with Enhanced Planning Pack Subscription

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Business Central/NAV Compatibility

Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise
Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Typical User

Production Planners

Release Date

July 2021: Actively being maintained and supported with updates.

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Self-install via AppSource or Extension Marketplace. Microsoft Partner support not typically required.


Well documented on the Insight Works’ Knowledge Base. View the documentation here.


The app is supported via the Insight Works’ Knowledge Base and Forum. For one-on-one support, Insight Works support plans are available or you can contact your Microsoft Partner.

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