HazMat Data Manager

Easily manage your hazardous material classifications and associated Business Central inventory items.

The HazMat Data Manager app for Business Central helps manage your goods while complying with regulations for businesses that produce or handle hazardous materials. The HazMat Data Manager helps correctly classify your items with formal, detailed hazardous material information.

Efficiently manage your hazmat codes and associated information

The HazMat Data Manager enables OHS personnel, hazmat managers, shippers, and others to create Hazardous Material Information Cards within Business Central where all associated hazmat information for a specific classification is stored. Information includes the UN number, DOT class, regulation level codes, packaging information, and other details.

The codes created by users within Business Central can be assigned to the manufactured goods or inventory items to comply with industry regulations.

Generate WHMIS labels from Business Central

WHMIS labels contain important safety information, and the HazMat Data Manager makes it simple to print labels to affix to dangerous goods. WHMIS labels include all required information, including the product name, associated pictograms, safe handling precautions, reference to SDS, and other relevant information.

Streamline the shipping of dangerous goods

The HazMat Data Manager app for Business Central will help get the dangerous goods you are shipping safely to their destination for anyone shipping hazardous materials. Hazmat details can be sent to supported carriers.

HazMat Data Manager Item Card

Use DocXtender to store your Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

DocXtender is a free app from Insight Works that enables users to attach documents to records within Business Central. For those who need a document storage solution for SDS paperwork, look no further than DocXtender.

HazMat Data Manager
Licensing: Subscription

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Business Central/NAV Compatibility

Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise
Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Typical User

Safety coordinators, HazMat personnel, shippers and those responsible for preparing shipping documents.

Release Date

June 2022: Actively being maintained and supported with updates.

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