Fixed Asset Count

Easily count and audit fixed assets by asset ID or serial number.

Say “goodbye” to spreadsheets and “hello” to the Fixed Asset Count app for Business Central. For anyone who takes regular inventory of their fixed assets, you’re going to love this free app from Insight Works. Easily and quickly generate count sheets to help make the task of counting assets less painful.

Easily count assets with auto-generated count sheets

The Fixed Asset Count app enables users to generate paper-based asset count sheets, or for those who want to work digitally, asset counts can be performed using smartphones, tablets, or mobile computers. When using a digital device, asset counts are recorded directly into Business Central, eliminating the need to enter data like when doing paper-based counts. Count sheets can be generated by asset, location, serial number, or other asset criteria.

Print fixed asset barcodes for easy identification

Barcodes can be generated and printed for those who really want to speed up fixed asset counts. The Fixed Asset Count app enables users to print labels that include a barcode that is then affixed to assets. When it comes time to count assets, simply use a device with a barcode scanner, like a mobile computer, and scan the asset to record the count directly into Business Central.

Track the location of your fixed assets

The Fixed Asset Count app enables users to track all of their fixed assets, including the asset’s location, type, serial number, and other related data. When it comes time to reconcile your fixed assets, you’ll spend a lot less time locating each asset, thanks to the Fixed Asset Count app.

Keep your fixed asset data up-to-date

For fixed assets that get moved from one location to another, the Fixed Asset Count app enables those performing asset counts to update Business Central with precise locations of assets.

Generate reports for accounting, maintenance, and other departments

The Fixed Asset Count app enables users to generate customized reports based on asset criteria. Reports can be helpful for accounting when it comes time to reconcile the books. Maintenance will appreciate knowing what fixed assets exist that may require preventative maintenance.

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Fixed Asset Count


Licensing: Free

Not applicable. Fixed Asset Count is a free app.

Business Central/NAV Compatibility

Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Typical User

Accounting departments and anyone responsible for counting fixed assets.

Release Date

Coming soon



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