Partnership to Make 175 Local Newspapers Available Online

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions and the Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association Partner to Make 175 Local Newspapers Available Online

August 31, 2011

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS) has provided the Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association (AWNA) with a system to electronically catalogue every edition of the AWNA’s 175 member newspapers. This project ensures that all AWNA newspapers from 2008 onwards are indexed for historical purposes, and accessible to the general public.

Beyond simply cataloguing the AWNA’s collection, DMS has implemented an intuitive system to search all member newspapers. “By utilizing Microsoft technology, we were able to provide the AWNA with the same efficiency tools that we provide the manufacturing and warehousing industries,” explains DMS president Mark Hamblin. “These tools allow users to easily index and search nearly 800,000 articles from 175 member newspapers with little effort.”

In replacing their legacy system, the AWNA has saved on the labor costs associated with advertising verification. Previously, AWNA employees manually searched through individual newspapers to guarantee that ads ran, whereas now they can simply search the publication by advertising code to verify placement. “We’re essentially operating the same way as we were before, but now we’re much more efficient. DMS identified our core processes and found ways to make them run more efficiently,” says AWNA’s VP of Operations.

About Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS)
DMS works primarily in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries to deliver Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, IT Infrastructure, and custom software development solutions. DMS is focused on helping clients realize higher levels of operational efficiency, from the shop floor to the front office. We provide our clients a full range of services and solutions to ensure that all aspects of a project, from network infrastructure to ERP implementation are fully coordinated and executed smoothly.

About the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association (AWNA)
Founded in 1920, the AWNA’s mission is to encourage, assist and ensure members publish high quality community newspapers by prioritizing education, marketing and fellowship. Today there are 175 member newspapers throughout Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories, with a combined circulation of 695,000.