Insight Works Recognized for Contributions to the NAVUG Community

Granite Award Recognition for Contributions to the NAVUG Community

November 15, 2016

Edmonton, AB, November 15, 2016 – Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Insight Works, was recognized and awarded at the 2016 NAVUG Summit for collective contributions made within the NAVUG community. 2016 NAVUG Summit organizers announced recipients of the inaugural 2016 NAVUG Volunteer Awards for partners, honoring Insight Works as a respected and trusted adviser.

Mark Hamblin, President of Insight Works, was presented with the Granite Award, representing high levels of dedication, drive and expertise exhibited by the trusted adviser. Insight Works competency to educate and provide cutting-edge capabilities have been proven time and time again through NAVUG participation, as well as a large portion of successes through word-of-mouth referrals.

These Volunteers have shared their knowledge with their peers through webinars and Chapter meetings, magazine articles and blog posts, and have benefited the community by serving on committees or on the Board of Advisors. We are incredibly thankful for these members who have given their time and talents to NAVUG – their contributions help NAVUG grow and flourish,” said Laura Gariano, Volunteer Engagement Manager, Dynamic Communities.

About Insight Works
Insight Works offers a comprehensive range of solutions to guide professionals through any ERP application needs, developing long-term relationships with clients through our “value to the customer first” philosophy at all points of any interaction or implementation. We work closely with stakeholders to ensure they understand what industry pacesetters are doing, how they can adopt tailored best practices, and how they can maximize their ROI and growth with the Microsoft technologies they employ. Insight Works offers a range of add-on modules such as time collection, warehouse mobile solutions, point-of-sale, inventory count, shipping and scheduling; as well as offers webinars, live events, and written articles to educate users and enhance their returns within the supply chain.

For more information, please contact:
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Phone: 1 (866) 440-7543