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The Insight Works OEM Software Partner Program enables software developers to enhance their solutions with complementary, fully-developed software programs from Insight Works.

Insight Works’ in-house team of developers and staff creates, maintains and supports a host of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365.

Grow your company by becoming an Insight Works OEM Software Partner.

What’s in it for you?

  • Go-to-market faster

  • Save significant development time & costs

  • Add more value to your current ISV offerings

  • Gain access to teams of developers

  • Remove barriers to delivery

  • Generate additional license revenue

  • Profit from end-to-end solutions

OEM Program

Go-to-market faster

The sooner you can go to market with your application, the sooner you’ll begin accumulating market share, generating revenue and recouping your development investment. Insight Works’ helps companies get to market faster and with more features with the become an Insight Works OEM Software Partner.

Go-To-Market Faster

Save significant development time & costs

Save Time and Costs

Insight Works’ add-ons have been rigorously tested and that means you save significant development and testing time when you couple our add-ons with your existing application. The hours spent designing, coding, and testing application features can be significantly reduced with add-ons from Insight Works.

Add more value to your current ISV offerings

For every line of code written when developing an application, there is an inherent cost associated with maintaining and supporting the code. This means, adding more features to your application to increase its value can be costly. At Insight Works, we have done the heavy lifting for you. Quickly and easily add value to your current application by including complementary functionality from Insight Works.

Add More Value

Gain access to teams of developers

Team of Developers

Insight Works has a team of in-house developers and testers. All applications are developed in a closely-controlled environment and at no time is any of the development work outsourced to third parties. This means you are getting add-ons that use consistent code and methodologies. We make our developers available to you to ensure seamless integration.

Remove barriers to delivery

It’s getting tougher and tougher for new or smaller companies to break into the Microsoft Dynamics market space. As Microsoft moves to a subscription-based model, recovering development costs can take a lot longer. Insight Works helps remove barriers to the market for companies. Leveraging Insight Works’ add-on features means less capital is needed to build applications and you can get to market more quickly.

Remove Barriers

Generate additional license revenue

Additional Revenue

End-user tend to shy away from integrating multi-vendor solutions. The fewer vendors involved, the better. With Insight Works’ OEM Software Partner Program, you will create more complete solutions for your customers. This, in turn, makes you more credible, reputable and creates more loyal customers. A perfect formula for growing a successful business.

Profit from end-end solutions

When you couple Insight Works’ add-ons with your application, you’ll be sharing in the license revenue. This is a big incentive for those participating in the OEM Software Partner Program because they earn additional revenue they otherwise would not see.

End-to-End Solutions

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